Müzik Kütüphanesi

Ahmed Adnan Saygun Arts Center Music Library has books, magazines and similar publications, musical note and partition inventories for the benefit of all professional and amateur musicians.
There is also a performance stage designed for small music groups within the AASSM Music Library.
AASSM Music Library is open between 09:00-17:30 on weekdays and between 13.00-17.30 on weekends.
No books are borrowed from the AASSM Music Library and there is no subscription system implemented; all available content can be accessed from the library building.
DONATION : You can call 0232 293 3835 for books, partitions and music-themed magazines, catalogues and similar printed materials containing music information to be donated to the use of music lovers on the shelves of AASSM Music Library.
Your donation to our library will be an honor to us, thank you.